Practices and tools that streamline analysis and documentation efforts

Practices & Techniques

Proven methods that will make analysts more effective regarding the design of future changes and documenting existing assets.

Do's & Dont's

We went the hard path, so you don't have to. Do not repeat the mistakes of others, follow the advice, and avoid the anti-patterns.

Real World Examples

Built by experienced professionals, proven by real projects, and demonstrated on practical examples.


Practices are useless unless they are supported by the right tools. You will love how we integrated them to make them work for you.


The best way to become effective is to be lazy. We hate repetitive tasks so much that we developed EASynchro to automate them.


Starting doing things differently must be realized in increments to prevent disruption of the day-to-day operation of the company.

Effective Analysis Textbook

Effective Analysis is a set of practices, techniques, patterns, and examples which show how the analysis and documentation could be done in a better and automated way.

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